Diploma in Perioperative Theatre Technology

Diploma in Perioperative Theatre Technology

We offer training in the field of preoperative theatre technology both for Diploma and Certificate programs. Theatre technicians are responsible for the following:

  • Responsible for disinfection, preparation, cleanliness and maintenance of the operating room before and after surgery and assist in the bring patients to the operation room.
  • Maintains cleanliness in the operating room and ensures adequacy of provisions before a surgery.
  • Clean and disinfect surgical instrument and equipment after surgery.
  • Prepare surgical instrument and equipment for autoclaving /sterilization per protocol
  • Maintains and keeps all surgical tools sterile and orderly.
  • Maintains and keeps all equipment clean and functional
  • Prepare the patient before surgery by washings disinfection the area for surgery.
  • Prepare necessary equipment and instrument prior to procedure/surgery.
  • Assists in bringing the patient to the operating room.
  • Attends the needs of the patients while inside the operation room.
  • Assist surgeon during the procedure.
  • Assist nursing staff in keeping patient safe the procedure by assisting with the application of restraints and following the recommended protocol.
  • Takes care of any specimen obtained for testing following laboratory procedures /protocol. Provides assistance to the surgical team and coordinates very closely with the doctors, nurses and laboratory staff.
  • Clean and disinfect operating room area after each procedure /surgery.

Career opportunities

  • County Government hospitals
  • Government Health Parastatals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Community Health services

Course Duration 2 years

Semester Duration: 4 Academic semesters

Qualifications for the course 

  • KCSE mean grade C- minus