Inpatient Services

This service is concerned with all the admissions. The hospital has the following wards.

Maternity ward

The maternity ward is made up of the nursery, labour ward and the post natal ward. The nursery as a baby cot capacity of 13 cots, the post natal has a bed capacity of 39 beds and the labour ward a bed capacity of 11 beds. We do both normal deliveries and the CS deliveries. The maternity ward does laboratory services and PMCT Counselling and testing. In the ward there is treatment. Patient in the ward get health education on breast health, importance of breast feeding, hygiene care of the new born babies, personal care hygiene, importance of attending post natal clinics, importance of immunization, care of cord, health of family planning and perennial care

 Medical ward

Medical ward is meant for all admission of medical case. We have a bed capacity of 76 beds. It is responsible for all admission of medical cases.

Surgical ward

This ward is responsible for all admissions of the surgical cases and all wounded people. We have a bed capacity of 101.

Paediatric ward

The paediatric ward (shinda ward) is for admission of all the children under the age of 15 years.  It has a capacity of 43 beds

Amenity ward.

we have a world class amenity ward. This ward ensures each patient is in his/her own private ward. Amenity ward has a bed capacity of 12 beds.

In our wards curative and preventive treatment are offered together with the counselling and spiritual ministry.  We have personal assistants who keep a close eye to the patients and also qualified nurses and doctor who work in the wards ensuring maximum care and treatment for our patients.

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