Dealing with Hypertension

Since hypertension usually does not cause any symptoms, you may not think of putting effort into coping with the condition. However, a diagnosis means that you must dedicate yourself to taking anti-hypertensive medications and making some dietary and lifestyle modifications. High blood pressure is an important risk factor for various diseases, including heart attacks, strokes, and kidney disease.


Outpatient Services

The hospital runs 24 hours ensuring that  Outpatient services are fully offered to all our patients. These services are offered promptly  at various service points for example at the Corporate Clinic (for people with insurances), general outpatient (next to the laboratory), MCH (clinic for children and mothers). Casualty (for the very sick and emergency issues).  Counselling, minor surgeries, radiography are also done at the outpatient.



The pharmacy is certified and approved by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board of Kenya. It is responsible for dispensing approximately 250 prescriptions per day making it one of the busiest department in the hospital. The hilly skilled pharmacy staff operates an intelligent software that keeps tabs on stock levels and expiry dates of the drugs. The pharmacy staff also perform manual checks on the drugs to ensure they fit for human consumption and ideal for patients’ best discovery. The pharmacy operates 24hrs a day serving both inpatient and out patients and also CCC patients.The Team

All our pharmacy staff are qualified and certified to administer medicines. They understand how medicine react to different groups and use their expertise to dispense medicines in the dosage and manner. The hospital is committed in their continuous education to ensure they are at par with the outlined pharmacy standards.

Services available at our pharmacy

  • Preparing and issuing of drugs to patients.
  • Clinical support towards using knowledge of medicine to provide best care of patients.
  • Ordering special drugs for treatment of patients with critical conditions
  • Stock control and ordering of drugs to ensure constant availability
  • Compounding drugs for patients

Our promise

  • To ensure each patient receives the safest and most effective medication at an affordable cost.
  • To provide outstanding pharmaceutical care necessary for the best management of patients’ condition.
  • Ensure patient safety during drug administration through use of innovative technology and drug use policies.
  • Advise patient on use of prescribed medicine, required dosage and the best way to store medicine for optimal effect.
  • Exceptional client relations at all times.