Laboratory Services




A modern well equipped medical laboratory with qualified personnel. Operates 24 hrs, performing a wide range of tests e.g Hematology, Biochemistry, Parasitology and Microbiology.
PCEA Chogoria Hospital Laboratory understands accreditation to mean the process by which an authoritative body (in our case KENAS) gives formal recognition that our hospital laboratory is competent to carry out specific Laboratory tests. In demonstration of our ability to apply, the competency our laboratory is now accredited under ISO 15189: 2012 on 15th April, 2016. Our journey to accreditation involved both commitment and hard work by the unit, management and the entire hospital fraternity. Our journey included the following steps; Firstly organized the laboratory re-arranged the workstations and removed clutter. ensuring management understood the purpose of accreditation. obtaining mentorship for laboratory accreditation from CLSI. Sensitizing the staff members to change attitude about the process. developing the Quality Management System (Laboratory quality manual). facilitating teamwork so that staff could have ownership of the process. Regular audited the QMS for compliance. Then conducted and monitored corrective action and preventive action for identified non-conformities. Finally Accreditation took place by KENAS.
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Increased confidence in test results issued by the PCEA Chogoria Hospital Laboratory. We now have a better control of the Laboratory operations and feedback. Saving in terms of time and money due to reduction or elimination of the need for re-testing has been reported. Efforts made to achieve accreditation leads to improvements in the management of our laboratory networks by focusing attention on areas of greatest need and accelerating improvement in areas such as supply chain, training, and instrument maintenance. Our Laboratory accreditation also had a positive influence on performance in other areas of the hospital by allowing the laboratory to demonstrate high standards of service delivery. Accreditation provides us with an effective mechanism for system improvement yielding long-term benefits to our patients in the quality, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of services. Accreditation has improved the quality of health care for patients through the reduction of testing errors and decreases in inappropriate treatment leading to better clinical outcomes. A functioning quality management system has provided a clean, safe and functional work environment within the hospital laboratory. Our laboratory reports test results in a timely manner to promote client satisfaction.