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Welcome to PCEA Chogoria Hospital


To be a Christian centre of excellence offering quality health care services and training.


To witness the Lord Jesus Christ by providing quality holistic healthcare that is affordable and sustainable, to the Glory of God.


  • Stewardship – We strive to be accountable for resources bestowed on us in our healing ministry.
  • Team Work – We acknowledge the diverse skills, talents and ideas that we all bring together and seek to coordinate these, and our efforts, to the service of our patients.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – We are part of the community that we live in and we seek to be involved in the continuous improvement of our community.
  • Quality Service – We define quality to mean providing to our patients safe, effective and efficient outcomes by applying the highest level of professionalism in our service.
  • Holistic Service – Rooted in the healing ministry of Christ, we seek to provide not just physical healing of the body but also the healing of the souls and minds of our patients.
  • God Fearing – We seek to serve our patients in ways that show our respect and love of God.


  • Provision  of holistic  health care (preventive and curative)
  • Training and development of Health Human Resources and
  • Medical Research and planning

 PCEA Chogoria Hospital Being a Christian institution offers serene conducive environment for treatment and healing. Our Clinicians are experienced, caring, ethical and professional in discharging their responsibilities. At PCEA Chogoria Hospital we ensure customer confidentiality and privacy. At our Hospital we partner with the community since they are our customer that is why we care about their health and provide free medical camp services from time to time.

Our Hospital is NHIF Outpatient and Inpatient accredited offering services to clients under the National scheme and Civil servants scheme.

We work everyday to ensure that your experience at PCEA Chogoria Hospital is the best.



P.O. Box 35 – 60401

254 064 226 20
254 734 192 208
254 713 656 186
254 064 221 23