P.C.E.A Chogoria Hospital strives to ensure that patients receive exceptional care in all aspects of their experience. This can be achieved by developing hospital systems that deliver care, based on best medical practices and state of the art technology.

We have designed efficient processes and systems throughout the hospital to achieve high quality, patient safety, and robust communication among various teams involved in patient care. These teams include clinical teams, and collaborative team like dietitians, Chaplaincy, receptionist, patient relations executive, security guards, Occupational therapists and Morgue attendants’ teams

Chogoria Hospital affirms ‘No Harm’ to all its patients and is focused on a proactive system design to achieve these goals. This includes regular update from modern medical advancement, best medical practices, error free patient care process and acting on Patients online and offline comments.

We endeavor to foster a culture of Quality and Patient Safety, ensuring best possible patient care in the safest environment. Our goal is to achieve ‘Patient Delight’, both in terms of medical standards and patient care.

The ingredients for our patients care are:

  • Safety: Avoiding injuries to patients or their significant others.
  • Effectiveness: Ensuring the services offered are evidence based
  • Patient-centeredness: Care should be respectful as well as responsive to preferences, requirements and values.
  • Timeliness: Reducing waiting time thus avoiding delays in service delivery.
  • Efficiency: Avoiding wastage in terms of equipment, supplies, ideas, time and energy
  • Equity: Rendering same care for all sexes and ages irrespective of the political affiliation, ethnicity or financial status.

The hospital is on the process of accreditation to enable the commencement of family medicine training.


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