Historical Background


Clive Irvine College of Nursing is a department of PCEA Chogoria Hospital. It was established as a Nurse Training school in 1951, when it was training form 2 leavers to become Kenya Enrolled assistant Nurses (KEAN)

IN 1961, the KEAN course was phased out and the Kenya enrolled Nurse (KEN) training started. In 1975, a 31/2 years Kenya Enrolled community Health Nursing (KECHN) course replaced the KEN training. In 1983, the name was changed to Clive Irvine School of Enrolled Community Nursing in recognition of Dr Irvine, the missionary founder of Chogoria hospital. The word “Enrolled “was dropped in 1989.

In 1990, the 21/2 year KENCHN replaced the 31/2   KECHN program which was based on a National Curriculum (Competency Based Training Program)

In 1995 the current Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN) Diploma program was started and the KECHN was phased out.

The schools’ name was changed to the current Clive Irvine College of Nursing.

Helb Loans

Most of our students benefit from educational loans from the higher education loans board (HELB)

Boarding/day schooling options are allowed


“Clive Irvine College seeks to develop and qualify responsible, competent, spiritually and morally upright professional nurses.”

Mission Statement

“To witness to the Lord Jesus Christ through provision of efficient, affordable and high quality nurse training.”

Our philosophy

Foster Intellectual, spiritual physical, emotional and social development of the student nurse in order to meet their fullest potential in nursing profession.

Aim of the college

To prepare and produce safe and competent professional nurses who are morally upright and spiritually sound, through provision and promotion of high quality nursing education, training and spiritual/social guidance and counselling.

Excellence in Nurse Training

This college is known for excellence in nurse training in Kenya.  Our students have done well in Major examinations and we receive very good reports from employers who engage them. Our graduates are employed nationally and internationally in well-known institutions due to their excellence in performance.

This is and has been as a result of a very dedicated team of staff who have decided to put all other interests aside and concentrate on training our students.  Our current team of tutors is also very keen in upgrading their knowledge and skills in order to be relevant in the modern field of nursing.

We are supported by a very able Board, management and staff who have been very instrumental about the college issues.

We would like to assure all our stakeholders and the public that we shall maintain the current performance and improve on it while entertaining visions for the future.

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