For over half a century, the college has seen many students graduate with various nursing qualifications. It is amongst the pioneer nursing schools in the country and its alumni have greatly contributed to the Kenyan healthcare system.

In its Strategic Plan- 2015-2020, Chogoria Hospital seeks to improve and expand the physical facilities of the college to enable it diversify the courses offered. The college will be designated as college of health sciences and will offer other courses in addition to nursing, which will include clinical medicine and medical health records.

Our vision beyond 2020 for the college is to have more courses such pharmacy, nephrology and radiography. This will attract more students for enrolment and meet the demand of health workforce in the society, which will be in line with the national vision 2030, “Education and training are considered key to the success of vision 2030, as they provide to necessary knowledge and understanding to steer Kenya to the economic and social goals of the vision”.

For several years, the Board and Management of the hospital have appreciated the need to expand and upgrade the nursing school into a college of health sciences. In 2010, they initiated the process and managed to start off the project. It however stalled due to financial constraints. Its estimated cost is Ksh. 80 million. We propose to implement the project in three phases.

The Current Stalled Construction


After Completion of the College

view from public square


P.C.E.A CHOGORIA HOSPITAL is a faith based not-for-profit health institution. It was built through the efforts of the local community and other well-wishers.

In order to expand and modernize the Clive Irvine College, we yet again find ourselves constrained to seek the financial and material support of the local community and friends of Chogoria Hospital.

The Clive Irvine College of Health Sciences will greatly contribute to the community’s economic development and health. We look forward to your generous support as we seek to achieve this goal.

Donations can be sent through;

Account name: PCEA Chogoria Hospital

Account number: 1103537741

Bank: KCB

Branch: Chogoria

P.O. Box 35 – 60401

254 064 226 20
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