It is open Daily from 8:00am to 5:00pm

Peadiatric clinic provide health and medical care for children from birth through their early teens. It provide expert care to the child while working with the family to address their concerns, fears, problems, and options. 

Some of the roles of the tasks of a peadiatrician:

  1. Identify changes in a child’s signs and symptoms and intervene in emergent situations
  2. Maintain privacy and confidentiality in nurse/child relationships
  3. Differentiate between normal and abnormal physical findings
  4. Serve as a child advocate
  5. Participate in activities to manage a child’s pain
  6. Analyse situations to anticipate patho/physiological problems and detect changes in status
  7. Administer medication using age-appropriate guidelines
  8. Determine a child’s needs related to pain management
  9. Evaluate a child for signs and symptoms of abuse
  10. Provide supportive care to dying children

The paediatricians involves the child and family in the plan of care, determining the child’s needs based on analysis of symptoms, and determining a child’s needs related to growth and development

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