The maternal children health /family health care was started in 1922 when the hospital services were started .The unit offers services to women ,children and male partners. The clinic operates on week days Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00  pm and weekend covers our immunization to babies in maternity after delivery


  • Immunization to all children under 5 years to prevent diseases
  • Provision of antenatal care (ANC) to all pregnant women
  • Family planning to both male and female
  • Growth monitoring to all children under 5 years
  • Post natal care to all women after delivery at two weeks and six weeks
  • Provision of health education to individuals and group
  • Curative services to all children under 5 years
  • Breast and cervical cancer screening
  • Counselling and testing of HIV to all client and referral to relevant unit eg CCC,MOPC,GOPC,Laboratory and pharmacy



P.O. Box 35 – 60401

254 20 5146700
254 734 192 208
254 713 656 186