artDiabetic Clinic

The clinic is run by a team of Medical Personnel, all dedicated in the management of diabetes. Services offered from Monday to Friday.

Physiotherapy Unit

Caters for people of all ages with physical problems caused by illness, accidents or ageing. They are treated through manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and application of electro physical modalities.

Eye Clinic

The clinic deals with the assessment and management of conditions pertaining to the eye. The clinic also deals with provision of glasses for the people who have been assessed and a need for them ascertained. The clinic has full time opticians and an ophthalmologist who avails himself every third Wednesday of the month.

Mental Health Clinic

Therapeutic and counseling services are offered.

Dental Clinic

A busy clinic operating with a full time Dentist. Offers all forms of Preventive, Curative, Cosmetic and rehabilitative dental services including orthodontic treatment.

Chest Clinic

Provides free TB medication and TB laboratory tests for both in and outpatients.

Palliative Care Clinic

The program targets the terminally ill patients. The Care is extended to patient's homes when the patients do not make it to the facility.

P.O. Box 35 – 60401

254 20 5146700
254 734 192 208
254 713 656 186